Top 100 Fashion Trends in June – From Luxury Event-Themed Designs to Hand-Drawn Vintage Apparel (

The June 2019 fashion trends explore a variety of different inspirations as the Spring season takes over and the transition into Summer begins to unfold. There are designs that stem from collaborative projects along with fellow fashion labels, brands of different industries, or different people.

The Met Gala recently passed and many luxury fashion labels played a strong role in delivering bold designs. The Met STore unveiled the Camp collection to follow through with this year’s Met Gala theme, drawing in the talents of designers from Gucci, Moschino, Off-White, and more to create themed unconventional goods. Another fashion concept that was explored this month stems from the joint effort of Matt Faust and Top Shelf. The artist and vintage label work hand in hand to design eight silhouettes which have all been hand-painted by Faust.

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