This is how we’re wearing jeans now

“There is a modern consumer in Australia today, with an attuned sense of social responsibility. The brands they support in turn need to share these values. For Millennials and Generation Z in particular, it goes beyond a value set and demands a deep transparency of social responsibility, manufacturing, open sourcing and stepping up to really tackle change,” she says.


The brand’s “Tailor Shop” concept, which allows customers to customise and repair their favourite pair of jeans, speaks to both of these trends.

In response to consumer demand, Levi’s is working towards an operating model for creating a “cleaner” jean and using more sustainable materials, such as “cottonised hemp”, which feels like cotton, in some of its collections.

Brands such as Nobody Denim, which makes its clothes in Melbourne and offers mending services, America’s Everlane, which champions “radical transparency” in its processes and pricing, and Outland Denim (the Australian brand worn by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, on her 2018 tour of Australia), which supports women out of human trafficking, also fit in with the way consumers are increasingly aligning their values, as well as their personal style, to their jeans.

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