The 5 most outstanding professional profiles in digital marketing

Digital marketing has brought new professions to the job landscape. The figure of the now well-known community manager a few years ago did not even exist. But, although this position is perhaps the best known, it is not the only one that has emerged as a result of the penetration of this discipline in companies.

There are several profiles that make up the digital marketing department. These professions have been implemented in companies and, little by little, they have become essential. “You have to assess each of the positions that arise as a result of the digital marketing boom. We do not have to forget that each professional brings his specialty to the final result. Only then can we achieve successful campaigns, ”says CEO of Madzuli Agency, a Belgian 360º digital marketing agency with a presence in Spain.

these are five of the most prominent professions in relation to digital marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Analyst: This is a professional who tries to give meaning to the data collected with different measurement tools. Based on this information, its mission is to propose solutions through clear reports and dashboards that serve the company to make the best decisions. It must be in charge of defining and maintaining online measurement strategies, analyzing consumer buying behavior and finding a solution to increase sales. Whoever holds this position must have great analytical capacity and vast knowledge in digital marketing.
  • Content marketer: is the person in charge of selecting and creating content that may be of interest to the user and then publish it on the company’s social networks and blogs. All this content should be optimized for publication, adapting the information to each channel. In addition, it is responsible for verifying the origin and veracity of the documents from which the content will be published. Its mission is to convert potential customers into consumers and these into regular buyers.
  • SEO specialist: these professionals are responsible for focusing on web positioning. Its essential task is that the web appears in the top positions in the search engine results pages. To achieve this, you must prepare quality content, analyze the competition and even suggest changes in the web design if necessary. It is also important that the SEO specialist is aware of the algorithm changes of these web browsers to improve their positioning.
  • Expert in digital marketing: is responsible for using digital channels to generate leads and create brand awareness. These channels range from a company’s website to social networks or even e-mail marketing. In addition, you should analyze and identify weaknesses and find a way to improve them through these same channels. Depending on the size of the company, the digital marketing expert must take care of all aspects surrounding this discipline or focus only on one and distribute the responsibilities in a team.
  • Market research analyst: is responsible for studying the market, local and international, in order to examine the potential of selling a product or service. It is who analyzes the competition and the tastes and needs of consumers to know what are the business opportunities. To do this, it collects information through focus groups, questionnaires, market analysis surveys and bibliographic reviews. Based on the recommendations offered by this professional, the company makes decisions about new products and their characteristics and the most appropriate dates to launch it.

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