Sustainability-Focused Sporting Medals – The 2020 Olympic Medals Will Utilize Recycled Materials (

The 20202 Olympic medals were recently revealed, and they will be made of recycled materials. An extensive effort was undertaken to get materials for the medals, and yielded 2,200 kilograms of copper and zinc, 3,500 kilograms of silver and 32 kilograms of gold, which were all taken from electronic waste. The medal’s design is intended to resemble polished stones.

The 2020 Olympic medals have a diameter of 8.5 centimeters, measuring in at 7.7mm at the thinner section and 12.1 mm at the thickest part of the medal. According to Nike, the front of the medal depicts the Greek goddess of victory. The ribbons of the medals feature a design that takes inspiration from kimono-layering. The medals also have a case which was made from Japanese ash.

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