Obscuring Facial Jewelry – Ewa Nowak’s Jewelry Shields the Wearer from Facial Recognition Tech (TrendHunter.com)

Some kinds of technology are easier to see than others and facial recognition technology is now being quietly worked into advertising and other industries, creating new concerns around privacy—Ewa Nowak’s facial jewelry is specifically designed to protect its wearer from being scanned by the technology. Unlike a mask that completely conceals the recognizable features of a face, the delicate jewelry piece leaves the eyes, nose and mouth exposed, yet offers enough surface area to confuse a facial recognition system.

Nowak’s facial jewelry recently received the Mazda Design Award at the Łódź Design Festival and, for now, the thought-provoking design will remain an artful concept piece rather than a mass-produced design.

Privacy concerns have inspired the creation of numerous accessories that serve to give the wearer back their sense of control and privacy.

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