How to address the feeling of failure and self-doubt


Perfection is unattainable, though the struggle for attaining perfection puts immense pressure over people who seek it. Most people who tend to overthink end up having a constant never-ending feeling that they are lacking. This feeling grows into depression, and people end up having low self-esteem.

If you have been thinking that you are behind everyone else, then you will know how to relate to this post. The constant feeling of being behind everyone else makes people anxious. They continually compare themselves to other individuals, and then they end up stressing about their position.

The only method that most people have is finding distractions and keeping themselves busy. However, that mild feeling of anxiousness does not leave them alone. For dealing with anxiety and this ever-present feeling of failure, you can follow the step mentioned below.

1. Give yourself the time to breathe.

Keeping yourself busy and running to distractions will not save you. If you want to address your problem, then you will have to give yourself enough time to think and to recover. For addressing your issues directly, you will have to deal with the following issues head-on.

  • Kill pessimistic thoughts:

Overthinking can be detrimental; however, adding pessimism to it will give you the perfect recipe for self-destruction. Instead of thinking about all the things, which could go wrong, think about all the things, which go in your favor. Think about all the positive aspects of the situation you are in.

  • Slow down:

Do not rush through things. Burdening yourself a lot may not give you the time to overthink. That is the problem. You need the time to think. If you care about productivity, then take as much work as you can do, think about all the things that you can do to make it good enough. After when you are done relax, take a break, do not jump on another task right away.

  • Give up on social circles and build valuable connections:

Remember the friends you used to hang out with if they could have helped with your anxiety they would have. Most people think that ranting about their problems with their friends will make them feel better. However, it does not because there is no constructive outcome of the discussion. Sure, you might feel better after talking, but when you go back home, you will be face to face with the problem again because you never found a solution to it in the first place. Therefore, invest your time in finding people who help you in developing yourself.

  • Take a break:

Go out and spend some time alone, do things that you love doing. Draw a painting, learn how to sing or write a book. Writing is the most convenient escape that you can find. If you think about it, maybe, your active mind will give you an idea for a great fiction story. If you need guidance, then you can look for a fiction ghostwriting professionally for learning. The world will not start burning if you will take out the time that you need to feel better.

2. Simplify your tasks:

Learning things that you do not know is not a compulsion. Do not take burden over your shoulders. Make your work easier. The less you will complicate your task, the more you will find time for yourself. For simplifying your assignment, you can follow the steps mentioned below

  • Keep it limited:

If your employer requests something out of you, do your best for providing them with what they need. However, do not complicate your work task. Make sure that you keep it limited and straightforward. The more you will do that the more you will have time for yourself. When you take the pressure off your shoulders, you get enough time to grow and heal.

  • Do not look at other people:

Do not think about how well others are performing. If you do that, it will only stress you out. For killing that feeling of not being good enough. Keep your work separate from that of other employees. Work with dedication, however, do not let it dictate you.

  • A sense of contentment:

Cultivating contentment is essential. You have to think about all that you have accomplished and everything that you have attained. It will make your heart feel at peace. For that matter, you will have to stop looking at every other person around you, shut out all the noise and give yourself some credit for whatever you have achieved so far.


It takes time to get over anxiety and this feeling of failure. If you want to learn how to value yourself and if you want people around you to realize your value, you will have to start respecting yourself for all the things you are capable of doing.

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