At-Home Ear Piercing Platforms – Rowan Allows You to Book a Licensed Nurse for At-Home Piercings (

Rowan is a new startup that connects customers with licensed nurses to do at-home ear piercings. The company is targetted to girls between the ages of 7 and 14 for a comfortable and convenient piercing process.

Rowan was founded by Louisa Schneider who saw ear piercing as “a rite of passage that transcends cultures and religion. It’s one that typically brings multiple generations of women from a family together. But we have somehow relegated it to a mall.” The entrepreneur wanted to make the experience more hygienic and personal to mark an important milestone in young girls’ lives.

Rowan also offers a monthly subscription service titled the ‘Earring Club’ that gives subscribers a new pair of hypoallergenic earrings and other female-youth targeted products, such as journals, pens, and friendship bracelets every month. By leveraging the direct-to-consumer model, the on-demand model, and the subscription model, Rowan will appeal to Millennial and Gen Z generations.

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