After 50 years, an Aussie fashion label is finally having its first show

Indigenous model Charlee Fraser has walked for some of the world’s biggest brands.Credit:Alamy

“We just want Indigenous designers, models, stylists and technicians to be everywhere, but at the moment they’re not,” Giles-Kaye says. “It needs to evolve into being mainstream but it’s a long way from that.”

Still, there has been progress since 2000, when, during a visit to Australia, supermodel Naomi Campbell asked: where were the Indigenous models?

In 2017, Perina Drummond launched Jira Models, an agency exclusively representing Indigenous talent. Since launching in 2017, Drummond has witnessed a growth in demand thanks to a “global diversity push”.

“It opened up all these questions around why don’t we have more Indigenous models,” Drummond says.

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